I grew up on a small farm near Norborne, Missouri where I spent much of my time working outdoors. From a young age I could be found shooting, hunting, trapping, or fishing.  More importantly, the farm provided many opportunities to hunt Midwest whitetails, turkeys, and predators as well as being able to learn about their management,  habitat,  and conservation. I attended the University of Central Missouri and after graduating in 2013 I commissioned into the United States Marine Corps. At that point in my life, I realized I took my affinity for the outdoors for granted. After training, I spent most of my time revitalizing my old past time. In 2015 I decided to try my hand at actually hunting with a compound bow, and taught myself how to be successful with archery equipment –and have done so on two continents. I've spent a considerable amount of time transitioning to traditional archery equipment, but I still enjoy hunting with a rifle and muzzleloader. I've always been characterized as a broad spectrum outdoorsman and I enjoy many faucets of the outdoor life; from hunting, trapping, and fishing to cooking, photography, and woodsmanship. Enough interest was gathered to allow me to start The Hunt Domain Podcast in 2018; my idea is to be the conduit of knowledge to new hunters, as well as broaden the skills of old hunters with a healthy dash of entertainment. After I transitioned from the military, I chose to reside in central Pennsylvania with my wife, Paige, who becomes a seasonal widow for a few months out of the year.